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Mama's Boy

May 08, 2021 Whose Mans Is This?! Season 1 Episode 15
Whose Mans Is This?! Podcast
Mama's Boy
Show Notes

Them boys is back again! Live and in full effect. And we got a good one for you today!

One thing we appreciate is a good barber. Not just any barber. But a barber we have a connection with... But... Should ya barber protect you from something you caused? Is ya barber stepping in like secret service for you or you gotta catch that fade on ya own?!

(Link to the video we reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JEo-9lxVlg)

And don't forget y'all... Mother's Day weekend is upon us... Family is key! Your mom, grandmother, wife, fiancé, girlfriend, baby mama, sister, aunt, cousin, close friends... Wish those you love and care for a happy Mother's Day!

But yo, what if there's so tension between your significant other and your mom's? How you gon act?! What will you do?!

Tune in while the brothers figure out what they will do if it were them... And you'll be surprised at some of the response!

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