Whose Mans Is This?! Podcast

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April 24, 2021 Whose Mans Is This?! Season 1 Episode 14
Whose Mans Is This?! Podcast
Tweets by Dray
Show Notes

Yerrrrrrr we back and we live for another episode of the hottest podcast to hit the streets.

But first, you gotta get in the zone... Friendship Zone! Oh nah, you not with it?! To each their own. Some people don't mind a friendship date here and there. 

Moving on to a controversial topic... Draymond and his Twitter fingers may have landed him in some hot water. Was he trying to bring awareness to the Equal Pay cause?! Or, was his comments detrimental?! Some of us feel one way and others another.

And let's not forget another NBA affiliated player that's on the hot seat. What was Pal Pierce doing in his crib on live?! Should ESPN have fired him for what he was doing in his off hours?! Should any job do that to their employees?! 

Tune and find out what we think and more on this heated episode of the Whose Mans Is This?! Podcast... Oh, and don't forget to follow and comment.

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